Lets Drop The Beat

We are FDA – a Street Dance academy based in North East England, offering classes for children and young people of all ages and abilities.

We offer training in a variety of street dance styles such as hip-hop, commercial, house, waacking and dancehall – just to name a few – in an environment that is totally inspiring, motivational and inclusive.

At the academy we offer dancers opportunities to perform in shows, events and competitions – so whether you wish to perform, compete or dance for fun – FDA has a class for you.

Back in 2009, our founder Emilee began working in the community teaching dance workshops in local schools and colleges. There became a real buzz around these fresh new classes in the local area and in 2010, our first ever competing team was created, winning 1st place at the National Championships.

This was just the start! Classes for all ages and abilities were in huge demand and in 2012 we launched as an academy.

Since then, we are so proud to have established ourselves as a quality training academy, with a real unique style and family vibe. In Hull, we are home to multiple regional and British Champion teams, solo and duo dancers and are now looking forward to opening our new branch in Beverley, spreading the FDA love.

What we aim to do

At FIERCE Academy we nurture talent and enthusiasm. Classes are up-to-date, creative and taught in a professional and friendly environment. Our teachers are super passionate about delivering quality classes and keeping things fresh.

Dancers will learn technical and performance skills with a huge emphasis on confidence building.


So, what happens in class?

Class is all about turning up and giving it your all. The teachers at FDA create cool, challenging and fresh choreography to help you grow as a dancer and performer, exploring different styles, techniques and music.

During class, after warm-up and stretch, dancers will learn a routine that will be broken down at the appropriate pace. It’s then all about the practice.  At the end of class, dancers may then be given the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learnt. We love our ‘all in but no-pressure’ environment – dancers may choose to stand on the back row and take it all in at their own pace or throw themselves in the spotlight and star in a video for Instagram. It’s completely your choice. It’s your class!


Why choose FDA?

At FDA, we are known for our individual style and the energy in our studio is always welcoming and motivating.  We encourage expression and individuality and love helping young people grow in confidence.

One of our favourite things is watching our dancers become real friends – there are no friends like dance friends. We know that dance can have a huge positive impact on a young person’s confidence and social skills, as well as their health and fitness. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, we’d love you to dance with us.

Word On The Street

“I highly recommend FDA, its like one big family. The support that the teachers give to the dancers is priceless. My girls have been going since they were little and I’ve seen how they have grown in confidence over the years.”

Claire Lowson – Dance Mum

“Being part of FDA is more than just going to dance class, it’s being part of a family. The amazing teachers and pupils are so enthusiastic and encouraging no matter what ability you are everyone feels the same! I would definitely recommend to send your child here as it has played a massive part in the person I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Molly Morrow – Dancer, Age 21

“Brilliant teaching of technique, performance, and creativity no matter what age or ability! The confidence I developed was huge as there’s such a strong, solid sense of support and community. For me, a massive highlight is the chance I’ve been given to compete as a part of the school, and have seen such progression in myself as a result. Great opportunity to meet new people, develop all sorts of skills, and most of all, just to have fun and dance!”

Sophie Popplewell – Dancer, Age 20

“Brilliant dance school with the best and most caring teachers you would want teaching your child. My daughter has grown in confidence and made friends with some amazing kids. Cannot rate FDA enough.”

Rachael Francis – Dance Mum